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Collection Of Best PHP and ASP shells


How to hack Websites using Havji (all Versions)

How to hack Websites using Havji (all Versions)
Download Havij

 Havij v1.15 Free
 Havij v1.14 Free
 Havij v1.13 Free 
 Havij v1.12 Free
 Havij v1.10

1st Step :- Find a  vulnerabale website ....
I Found This website

Now Lets Start .. 

Open havij and copy and paste infected link as shown in figure
Now click in the "Analyze"

Website Vunerablity Scanner : SQLi | LFI | XSS | Shell Upload

Its a Amazing Tool, You can use it for checking SQLi,LFI , XSS , Shell Upload vulnerablities of websites, Its for n00bs and beginners !

PHP Dos/DDOS (Denial Of Service) Attack Script

1 comments Can Make a DoS attack from your server (using that nice high bandwidth connection provided by your hosting provider) to bring your victims server/PC to its knees.
This script should be used responsibly, I did not create it, im merely distributing it for “educational” purposes. All The Best !

phpmyadmin exploit

phpmyadmin exploit

Dork : allinurl:index.php?db=information_schema

Go to and enter this dOrk, google will show you  About 161,000 results
:) guess how many website are vuln fOr this attack !

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